My First Love...

I'm in a new relationship...engaged to be married...but the only person I think about is my first love. The way I feel after I talk to him is like AMAZING! when I think about him I grin from ear to ear. I should feel this way about my current love but I don't. I do love him,but it will never compare to the way I LOVE MY FIRST LOVE*
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yeah, don't get married to second best. It never works.

If I can offer some advice it would be...DON'T get married! The love you have for the other man will never go away. Do it now before you get in over your head with marriage & children- you'll wind up feeling trapped in a miserable life.<br />
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I was in your shoes many years ago. Young and naive I believed that I would eventually love my husband that way if I worked hard enough at it. I cut off all feelings & thoughts about my first love, denying any love I still had for him completely. <br />
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Eventually I believed I succeeded, that was until I came across his picture in an old box of photos. One look at his face & all the love I denied for so long flooded back, and the pain cut through me like a knife! I bawled my eyes out for hours, truely realizing for the first time that my marriage was a sham & that I would never love my husband like I loved him.<br />
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True love is a rare gift, honor it & yourself. What do you have to lose?

I know how you feel. Mine was just out of high school. We went to college together was even set to get married than things fell apart. I truly have never felt the same about a person. I am friends with her sister and when I speak to her I often find myself asking about my first love. Unfortunately her life didn't turn out like she had hoped. I wonder if that would have changed had we stayed together. Love lost is not Love forgotten is how I look at it.