Maybe One Day

I was 16 and he was almost 18.He was my younger friend's brother.I have never loved anyone like this since.I have been married, had children, had relationships previous to the children ,but no man can ever match up to him.I met him again 16 years ago when my first child was young and his marriage was messed up.I had never been so happy. He visited for 2-3 days,we talked and I decided that I owed it to my son to get back with his dad. He then said maybe we'll be together when we're old.A few years ago my childrens dad died and I felt it was fine to contact him.I left an advert in a paper and he turned up at my parents door ,unknown to me my dad turned him away.I never knew this till ages later.He'd come a long way to visit.maybe one day I'll find him again.
tonybear tonybear
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1 Response Dec 18, 2006

maybe he's looking for another paper advert. maybe you should have things settle the first time you did it though...<br />
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