Love My Past!

I miss all of my exes... I still love them, is that possable. Of course it is. I love my husband but it's hard to get the people you have loved and cared about soo much out of your head and heart. I don't think I would ever go back but there I time I wish I could. I have loved very few but when I love someone it's for life. One is very special though and when our paths cross it messes with my head. I can't help but want him back. He doesn't act like he doesn't want me but doesn't say he does either. I'm trying very hard to just be friends....which is what we are. Havent been more than friends in over 5 years now but I just can't shake him IDK!
Pastgrasper89 Pastgrasper89
22-25, F
Sep 13, 2012