Continuation Of My Crazy Story X_x

Well my continuation of yesterdays story. Okay well its started when i entered my sophomore year i had set goals for myself and I really believed i was going to achieve my goals by the end of my sophomore year. But then I met "him" i never thought I was going to meet a guy that mattered that much to me. Yes i knew I was gonna meet new people and maybe i would crush on one or two but never would of thought that i would actually fall in love. I wish there were signs or we were to know that one day in the future we would fall in love who we were to fall in love then i would of never fallen in love with the wrong guy.... So on with the story so it was october of 2011 it was 4th period that was the first time I've seen him. I didn't know who was he seemed mysterious i went up to him to talk to him thought he was a freshman but he was a senior. That day was the biggest mistake of my life and I will weirdly never regret.

Will continue tomorrow....
thegirlbehindtheshadow thegirlbehindtheshadow
Sep 17, 2012