Best Year With U

well at church their is this guy and he is awsome in every wayy...all the youth had went to the winter jam last winter 2011 when we wer waiting for the doors to open he kepy giving me huge would leave me alone a the concert he asked me if i liked him i said yea but i need to get to know u better he said ikr
and the next 3 weeks we sat around and talk went on walks in the park talking..
but then your mom broke every thing off now we barley talk because of her ............. i wish things would go back to the way they were.....hopefully when we are at the winter jam this year we will be reconnected <3
missheaven missheaven
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

His Mom, I meant. What does your Mom say? You're a little too young IMHO to get hot and heavy with some dude. My mother reacted the same way when I got entangled as a 15 year old. Better to wait 'cause your feelings and tastes change constantly as you mature.

i mom said its fine she dont care if i have a bf

Sorry, but I agree with your Mom.

his mom and y

i do but his mom is so stubborn and weird

shes married....i just like him he likes me to......he just cant come near me anymore because she dont like me