First Kiss

I was 16 when I came to know that im a lesbian, when i kissed my first girlfriend..
we were studying together in the same class. we were in the high school. i had many friends, so never noticed her. she was new in that city, until that day.
Once in the practical accidently me and her was put together and thts the only practical still i remember. I introduced myself to her, she smiled and said that she knew and heard about me from friend. I was actually famous there due to sport... her voice was so sweet. i wished, i could stop that moment and could continue that conversation.
next day i came late tht is just before one minute, I glanced in the whole class, i was searching for that face, when i found her she smiled at me and signaled to sit beside her, i was more than happier to do that.
then every day we were sitting together, I introduced her with my group. We became very good friends..
one day she invited me for party in her home. she invited only me and said its just small dinner party of her parents anniversary.
when i went there she welcomed me and introduced with her parents. she wore nice white color dress and was looking so beautiful. After dinner we went upstairs, she wanted to show me her room. It was nice, neat and specious. She then held my hand dragged me towards the window, she wanted to show me the road view that was awesome.
Then i told her that i had to go home. she held my hand so tightly, and requested to stay for longer. I also wanted to stay, so just nodded my head and said ok. she smiled and hugged me, she was so soft so delicate and so cute... I kissed her on neck, she held me so tightly then i again rolled my lips on her neck. then i kissed on her chicks, her eyes was closed i could feel her sweet breath, then i kissed her on lips. It was so sweet... God i still can feel it....
kidos kidos
22-25, F
Sep 19, 2012