He's With Someone Else...

I dated my first love for two years. He was my first everything; boyfriend, best friend, kiss, lover,etc. And then it ended and i had no clue something was wrong. I thought atleast we were going to be best friends b/c we were different we understood each other. He told me he wanted some time off for himself and i said i won't wait for you and he said don't worry i'll win you back. We still talked and made out during out spring break but then school came and he ignore me and found someone else. So i feel so hurt and sad after what he told me after everything we had. i tried to talk to him but he hates me now and makes it seem as if it was my fault. I feel like he replaced me with this girl and it hurts so much that those time we talked and saw each other cry were replaced like nothin b/c he's with someone else and barely a month passed by....two years and it took only a month to replace me :(

browneyesweetie browneyesweetie
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1 Response May 7, 2007

I also know how painful it is to watch a guy find someone new... it's like you don't even matter to him. I want to tell you to win him back, because that's what I want to do, but we both know that wouldn't work. So get even! Get over him by dating someone else! Even if you aren't over your first boyfriend, getting to know another guy better will help you forget about the first one.