It Is Impossible To Forget The One You Really Loved

People said : time heals all wounds but sadly mine never did . I broke up with a man whom I love crazily and he loves me like mad too . But he has a problem with himself .. And he cannot be committed to the r/s no matter how hard he tried . But he tried his best for me and cried many times during the breakup period. He wanted time . I love him too much and I couldn't take it anymore . I took a one Way ticket half across the globe to live elsewhere away from him. But every day , every night .. I still feel him .. Miss him .. And I love him . I know he loves me too . And he still speak to me every few weeks until now . I did asked him if he would still want me again. Confidently he said yes and for me he would do anything ...but I couldn't trust him . I couldn't put myself through the pain again .. I said no to him ... I am hurting him too because he knows I love him and he loves but we are never together again. Why is this happening ? I could feel that he is not happy with his life now and he needs me .. But instead .. I am here waiting for
The day if he is really ready , he would come to me no matter where I am .. But what if I was wrong ? Am I destroying our chance together because I couldn't accept him .? At least not now .
I don't know but I am sure .. Forgetting this one and only man that makes me feel this way ..... Is just too impossible .

Jessicayoung Jessicayoung
Nov 30, 2012