Lust Of Love

I had just started high school and i felt this guy looking at me from out the window of a classroom. I looked at him, he smiled but i didnt, i was so shy. Throughout that year, he would always stare at me, i think he liked me? Years later after finishing school, i met up with him and went out on a date and that was nice. Throughout the following years things were topsy turvy. We never got into a relationship. I was in my 30s and had gone back to my hometown. We both saw each other for the first time again as this was 12 yrs later after going on a date. Our faces were red and we couldnt stop smiling for a while. There were several times where i would catch him staring out a shop window at every passerby until he saw me. We have not spoken about why we did not get into a relationship, i guess thats still in the process of "one day" happening.
bubbista2012 bubbista2012
Dec 4, 2012