I Thought I Was Alone!

My first love was a high school romance 1970's, I have seen him over the years because our families (parents mostly) knew each other/worked together; but unfortunately the times we have seen each other has been at a funeral of a parent, and it is not appropriate to stike up a conversation. I dream of him rountinely, which always stimulates thoughts for days of the 3 years we dated and what could/should have been. I would love to talk to him but am afraid to contact him, I am so afraid that he may reject me or think I am crazy!

It's just nice to know there are others who experience the same feelings, I thought I was alone! Thank you, thank you!
aabberger aabberger
1 Response Dec 4, 2012

u seem really crazy... is this guy unavailabe? should date a guy without family and hve a rehular relationship