I'll Always Be Here For You.

So this is a really touchy subject but imma do my best to say what i can so it's understandable.

The first person I ever been with sexually, I consider that to be my first love. We just have this connection. It's amazing. Well I almost lost him.. He was in a coma & the first time I heard about it I cried that whole day. I never got to tell him "bye" or "i still love him" & that "i think about him" or that i was gonna text him two days before i got the call & i didnt! I felt so bad. Although I know it wasn't my fault, I felt so guilty. I couldn't pull myself together enough to go to the hospital the same day I found out. . so I went the next day. & boy am I glad I did! I talked to his mom for a really long time. About anything & everything. Then she was telling me I was the special one in his life. & She wants us to get married. She's just a sweetheart. But it made me feel good to know that I matter in his life. & That his mom actually likes me. I went in the room to go see him & I couldn't breathe. I was shaking & trying so hard not to cry in front of everyone. Then his mom started talking to him, trying to get him to come through. He had opened his eyes & looked around some, but he wasn't fully awake. A friend of mine & his believe that I was the one to wake him up.. Because his mom was like "*****" look at all your friends, they came to see you, then she was like remember "******" she came to see you. Then it was like after that he started being more alert & opening his eyes & squeezing peoples hands. I got to hold his hand & he was squeezing it, & i kissed it. so he knows im there. & then he was looking around the room & made eyes contact with me for a while. Yeah, I felt the connection. All I could do was smile. I was speechless. I just pray that when he gets out he does the right thing in his life. I really care about him. & I love him to death. He's my baby. I pray for him everyday. <3 Just hope he realizes he still has me. His friends say he'll realize I'm who he should be with. But we will see :p
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If he can see you he can probably hear you try talking to him and tell him how you feel,
don't give up love can do amazing things.
Mikel xoxo