I've Asked This Many Times...

...but no one gave me the response i wanted. This is the last time.

Is there anything in life as good as or better than your first love? Did i lost the best thing that ever has and will happen to me? If yes, what's the point in living, since i'll forever know what i'm missing? I don't see the point.
ImmaSlender ImmaSlender
22-25, M
3 Responses Dec 10, 2012

It will not be unless you nostalgically grade all future relationships by your first. Realistically assess what happened with your first, become the best person you can and move on.

"You don't know what you've got until it's gone" is an emotional fallacy. You still don't know what you had and lost, which was an individual of whom your knowledge was inherently limited; and you still have most of what you had, which is your will to mate, of which your knowledge is also inherently limited. You still know squat; indeed, nobody knows squat.

Now if you're looking for an answer from experience, I find it hard to believe that a long line of men have not already advised you that when you are older and know better what you want, you get more of what you need. (I am referring to the Rolling Stones here.)

I miss my first love too, and i will likely never see her again in my life. Its already been 25 years since high school. We never forget our first loves - and they rarely last. We are too young and inexperienced with our emotions. Even if you tried - how many years would it last starting from junior high? Our first love companions are special - during an uncertain time in our lives. But I'm afraid after 20+ years apart - people change. U might realize your in love with the memory and not the real person they've become. Either way i still miss her.