Always Loved Him, Always Will.

I was so young. We met when we were little and became best friends instantly. As we grew older, i fell more and more in love with you. Then at a young 13 we started dating. It felt so right. It was so natural and neither of us even had to think. He loved me as i loved him. We dated for two years and that's when it got hard. He grew controlling because he loved me so much. We fought almost everyday but we always forgave because neither of us wanted to leave. After a while, he grew tired and sadly so did i. He broke up with me. at first i was fine with it. But now, a year later. I'm still thinking about him. Wondering if he thinks about me. Hoping he misses me as much as i miss him. Which is unconditionally. I've always loved him and i always will.
abcgirl44 abcgirl44
Jan 6, 2013