My Ancient Love

I thought we would last.
I was sure it would past.
I taught you to fly.
You taught me to cry.

You say I've hurt you
But I've been so true.
Even when you were cold
I still loved your soul.

I picture your smile
everyday in my mind.
The last time we met
I was filled with regret

that I couldn't make you feel,
that I couldn't make you heal,
that I couldn't make you home,
that we can't be alone.

You loved me so much
and hated me for it.
Now all my anger is dust
and my heart is broken.

You took my innocence
I gave you it freely.
I raised you up, helped you be better.
Now I'm the one face down in the gutter.

I only hear from others
how you're doing well
it makes me boil with rage
that our love died at this age.

Here I face time ending alone
your words echoing a constant drone
how you'd love me forever, a place in your heart
even when the earth tears our bodies apart.
You knew our love was ancient
before time or place,
and now we have neither,
smoke drifting in space.

Tonight my mommy walked into the ocean
I need you now more than ever.
Then I finally knew you had left for certain.

If you ever read this letter,
my friend and my lover,
know that my love in you
is yours to discover.

misternnu misternnu
18-21, M
Jan 7, 2013