Insecure Beauty

He says has "has anyone ever told you how pretty you are"? I laugh and say "No, if they did they'd be lying to me"
He drags me in front of a mirror and ask why can't I see the beauty he sees. I hold my head down. He says why do you do that to your self hold your head down ain't nothing down there but your shoes and the ground. Hold your head up high.
You say you want to be free but even the birds are chained to the sky. He says Love your self as much as I love you, because girl I love all the little things you do. I say I love him too. He kisses me on the cheek and swears that he will never leave me

but when he left for the store as I got dressed for his funeral I knew he was not coming back. The one true guy I loved was gone like that.
Bigworldsmallgirl2014 Bigworldsmallgirl2014
Jan 20, 2013