Hailie's Letters

A letter my first love sent to me. She lived in Ohio and i lived In Pennsylvania. An 8 hour drive between us.... and she came.

Dear *******,

The past week has changed me. I used to feel like i would have to settle with someone who doesn't quite understand me, or someone who is immature, or someone who is just barely good enough. After meeting you...well everything i thought i knew changed. I didn't know what to think at first. You seemed to be different, a good different but still different. Then we started talking and, well i started to like talking to you, a lot. And now i don't even know how i go hours without talking to you. Tonight by far has been my favorite, i cant stop thinking about it. I cant stop thinking about you. I want to be with you. Twenty-six days is so far away, but you are worth the wait. I know you aren't sure about you being my other half, but i am. You just make me feel so complete and you make me i cant even explain. But tonight was amazing, so thank you. I'm so glad you like me, and that i like you too. And we could never be too perfect...we are just meant to be. I think we deserve each other equally. I think when we meet its not going to be like the first time with awkward moments. I feel like its going to be even more right than it feels now. And being with you feels more right than anything I've ever know. You already mean so much to me. I'm forever yours.....this week we spend together is going to be one of many weeks we spend together. And hopefully it will be the start of a life we get to spend together....i know we are young...but i think that we are supposed to find each other at such a young age so we can have a lifetime full or memories....and i feel like we are only young in age...plus i mean my parents were married when they were eighteen and nineteen and they have been in love and together for over nineteen years....i want that..minus the marriage part lol....but i want to spend my life with someone i will love and never want to leave....and thats you so far....ill miss you too. till we talk again love <3.

Realization17 Realization17
18-21, F
Feb 10, 2013