Well Yeah I Guess I Did At One...

Well yeah I guess I did at one time. She is the mother of my oldest daughter Brigette. I will always have those certain feelings for her since she is the mother of my daughter. I have not seen her in about 18 years. I have been re-married for 16 years and Have been happy ever since.
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Well too bad for me..he is with another new home new family new job new wife etc etc..<br />
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Have heard he is not that in love with new wife but as they say u make the bed and u must lie on it..

I keep all of those feelings so close to my heart to help me smile. I hate how I'm just a memory, but at least I know they are good memories. I hope someday we can talk again, hold each other again. We do in my dreams.

We've been divorced for 3 yrs yet i still love him. He just remarried a month ago. Wow it hurts. We have a beautiful daughter and are great friends. However, it is hard to see him move on.

Its been 8 years and I have yet to get over him. He was my one and only. The kind of love you never forget, the selfless kind, the kind of love you would give up your life for just so they could go on living. I am now suprisingly married to a wonderful man, but no matter how much I want to feel the same way as I did so long ago, I can't.

i have a 7 month old son and i will always care about his dad you have to always have a realationship on some degree for the childs sake.

nice to hear you moved on and happy now.wish it was me it left a empty whole in my life I never seem to fill no matter how I tried

good, its good to move on but she'll always be there shes a part of your daughter and your past...<br />
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