A True First Love Story That Hasn't Ended Yet

We fell in love at 15 and left town together after graduating high school. I was beautiful and smart and the pressures to date others in college proved too strong. He was never into school, we fought all the time because of my new found "freedom", our fights started getting violent and abusive, and I left him, deciding to transfer to a better school in California and start over. I did start over, finished professional school, married, but as the years went onI started remembering my first love, beautiful memories haunted me like ghosts in the night and I would cry for hours for no reason other than the fact that I missed my first love. I called his mom who told me that he was engaged to someone one and that he wouldn't want to hear from me anyway after all I had done to him. She said it had taken him years to date after I left, and please to leave him alone now. So I did. Now it is ten years past that time and these beautiful ghosts have returned. The man I married ended up divorcing me because "I just never felt like you truly loved me." How right he was. I still am in love with my first love. I found his email by chance, and decided to contact him to see if he felt the same way I did after all these years. And he does! He says that there will never be anything close to our love ever, even though he is married now. I hope he will continue to keep in touch with me over the years. He said that when I left he wandered the streets looking for me in vain. He still loves me too. It is a special, deep love and I am so happy to expereince it, even if it is so painful because I will probably never have him in my life again except as a wonderful friend who really still cares about me!
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First loves are never the same after so many years as you both have changed too much and have gone in different directions.....let it go.

No offense, but this story here is prob why most marriages fail. It was most likely blamed on the man as well. I can see where memories of a past loves can be healthy. In this case it seems it became almost as if this persons marriage was going to fail before it even started. Just my 2 cents not that it's even worth that much.

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caus you stole my heart