Oppions Please!!

I have been with the same guy for a little over three years. We had a few short break ups and one lengthy one. We planned to get married this september. But I backed out and broke up with him a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to be single. But my problem is that I still miss him. I love him so much and I feel like **** for what I'm putting him through.  We were best friens. Now everytime something happens my automatic reaction is that I want to call him up and tell him. Why do I miss him so much if I wanted to be single?
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I use to be the same way over my boyfriend. You've been with him for a little over three years. It's almost like you develope a comfort zone. You know that being with him is safety and you're less likely to get hurt. <br />
sometimes i would wonder what it would be like with other guys. Yet, it's like starting all over again. You know your love is always going to be there for you, so why leave that. <br />
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You just really need to fallow your heart. If it's telling you that you want to be single, then thats what you need. It's very easy to fall back into those familiar steps with your love, but just because they are familiar, doesn't mean they are right.<br />
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Best of luck to the both of you, just remember, try not to think too much, just fallow your heart.

jlcormier, please excuse the frankness of this comment, I'm not at all trying to be rude: Do you rush to him because you feel you need someone or because you need him? If the answer is the latter, reconcile and get married, and Godspeed! If it's the former, you might just be feeling lonely because you're single and you're not quite used to it yet. Either way my best to you and I hope you find out what works best for you both.

is it possible that the want of being single was just the jitters? really, if you miss him that much, it's time to tell him. it may be rough at first, but over time things should work themselves out! i definitely wish you good luck as well!