I Talked to Her Again...

I really miss my first love and even tho' she's married and has a kid I'd love to see her just one time to see if that feeling is still there.

It drives me crazy!
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6 Responses Aug 1, 2007

omfgosh I hate it when people tell me to get over it. I would just love to slap those sort of people. well I would join this group and write a story about it, but I pretty much told everything to you. I guess that's why I should have kept it in my pants until after highschool. That just made it harder to say goodbye and made me more attached to him. ugg.. anyhow nobody else seems to understand. Why can't I get over it? Seriously, my current bf is so f'ing hot and the sweetest guy I've ever met so what is wrong with me?

omg. really? some people just don't seem to get it.

That is exactly how I feel!

yeah, some people think i'm not content with my current boyfriend, but I can't help it if he crosses my mind from time to time. I get pretty emotional when I talk about him too. I can't help it. I really loved him. He was never a jerk and was always really sweet. Everything was going great until he had to move because his dad got some kind of job offer out of state. It was really hard. I cried for weeks. I stayed in my room for a few days. I just needed to be alone. He was the first guy I ever slept with too. I was so disappointed to never see or hear from him again. I ran across a photo ablum his mom made with all the pictures of us hanging out together. I've moved on and love my bf enough to maybe even marry him one day, but I just can't stop thinking about how my life would be different if he was still here. The sex wouldn't be as good though, that's for sure. lol

Yeah, this one was my "first love" and I still think about her sometimes..

I use to think about my ex's a lot, but my current bf is so great I hardly think about it anymore, but I still think about my " first love" sometimes and wonder how he is doing.