I Don't Miss Mine Any More!

I used to miss my first love, and I know how it feels. For about a year after she broke up with me I would dream that we were together, that we'd never broken up, and everything was wonderful... then I'd wake up and feel like I'd lost her all over again. Retrospectively, it all seems rather pathetic, but at the time it was awful.

Any way, I actually met her a little over a year ago, went for a drink and talked about old times. Nothing was going to happen, everything was history - over 10 years had gone by since those early days. What I found out was that that whatever people were when you knew them 10 years ago, they are exactly the same 10 years later, only more extremely so.
davidstone78 davidstone78
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 2, 2007

no it doesn't sound pathetic. I've had dreams about my ex and they can be incredibly annoying.