She Was 'the One'!

My high school sweetheart, She had one year left of high school.  The plan was for me to go play college football and She was to join me after she graduated.  We drifted apart during that year, but remained in constant contact.  We tried on getting back together during the summer, but I had to return for football practice early.  She decided to enroll in a different school. 

During the Fall semester, we decided that we would both transfer to the same university.  I had to finish my commitment for the year to the football program and she wanted to continue working. We decided to transfer during the summer. 

While returning from a trip with her roommate, she died in a car crash.  The local police came to my apartment an told me in the middle of the night.  I was devastated. 

I was able to talk to her brother the next morning.  By time I was able to travel home for the services, Her parents had her cremated an left even before the memorial services.  They were destroyed.

I was never able to have closure with her in anyway.  I cant go to a grave, i cant even speak with her parents, her brother and his son also died shortly after in a car accident.

Tragically enough, I lost my son in a car crash. 

After researching her accident recently I found out that where she died is less than five miles away from where my son died.  I have no idea what any of that means. 


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Wooh! That must be a heart attaacck to u

Love & Light

If only we could go back and start all over again... if only we could


My life has been turmoil these past few months. I have hurt several people, by not living the life I expect of others. I am truly sorry and hope all those I've hurt will be able to move forward in there endevours. I don't ask for forgiveness,

This time of year is always the hardest for me and my family. I still MISS him very much and will Love HIm Forever!!

I am so very sorry.

Florida is still a go!!

I do and someday (soon) I'll be able to show you how much that means to me!

Thank You all for your comments, I come and read them everyday. Your words have given me strength, hope and direction. again THANK YOU!!

My LOVE for my Children is stronger than ALL! Because of losing her, without any kind of closure...makes her once in a lifetime..i have found love, but also have shut it out

Thank You ALL! When I wrote I didn't expect anything to come from it. However, I received some great words of encouragement from so many. Thank You Again.

My heart goes out to you. Sending good juju your way. <br />
<br />
My beliefs are that our time in body is incredibly short although it doesn't seem that way. You will be reunited. She is keeping care of your son for now.

Losing my son and losing someone so close to me had made me keep my distance from everyone. I dont want to experience that kind of pain ever again. I love my kids and will do every/any thing for them, I know that I could not handle losing another. dont get me wrong, they're not trapped in bubbles in a padded room, they live life to the fullest, they continue his life thru them. I just pray that no parent ever has to deal with what we went has torn our family apart...

Thank You Friends...

Thank You Both!

Closure doesn't happen for normal, sane people. When we are feeling, caring, rational people, we don't "get over" or leave behind such tragic happenings. But, we have to accept that they happened, understand that we can't change the fact, don't get caught up in the "what if" game, and should never ask the "what else could possibly happen" question. Instead, focus on the good traits and memories of the loved ones lost, and do positive and good things in their memory. Thank God for the good time that was spent with that person, and ask Him, sincerely, for comfort and smoothing of the turmoil in the mind. He won't fail.

You certainly have had your share of sorrow in one lifetime. I hope you find the faith, hope and love to reach the closure you are seeking.<br />
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Blessings Tonight