I met Wayne when i was 15 he was my prince charming loved me unconditionaly 2 years later we were engaged to be married at the time he was under alot of stress money wise so the day we picked out my wedding dress i had a bad feeling all day just couldnt put my finger on it he took me home and 15 minutes later he totaled his car a datsun 280z our life came to a stop as we knew it he was in a coma for 3 weeks i was only 17 and the man i loved lay in front of me and there was nothing i could do when he woke up he was a different person he had brain tramua i held on as long as i could but after a couple months i left on a journey into drugs and alcohol we lost touch and in 2005 he took his own life i will never be able to tell him how sorry i am i miss him

theresab theresab
1 Response Feb 15, 2009

Theresab - how are you doing now? Thank you for sharing your story.