Miss An Ex

Well I guess its natural 2 miss a first love but like at first I didn't miss him but now seeing he's found someone makes me miss him we were on and off for about a year but he was like my real first boyfriend and my feelings towards him well I still love him, with all my heart I would take a bullet for him....I guess it took me 4-5 months 2 notice this I was so caught up but everytime we speak I tend 2 cry, we spoke today from 237 am to 515 am, I really miss him but I need to get over him...I'm with someone now we make 2 months on the 12 but we're dating online...I want to be held by my ex and kiss him again..I miss him so much it aches to sleep because I start crying after me and him speak ayyy I guess this is the reason why I'm writing...
SourLove SourLove
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2007

I have mixed feelings whether it's a good idea to stay friends with an ex or not. Like I stayed friends with mine for awhile. Then he dissapered on me, bassically when he got a new gf, with the exception of a few e-mails here and there(and the last one was back in june) At times I do miss my friend, yup him.:)(I even posted a story about it on this group) Anyways sometimes its hard to remain friends with an ex, because it kills you at times. You don't nesscarily have to stop being friends with him, but to offer some adivce, start having less contact with him, which will be extremly difficult at first, but then it get easier, and you end up feeling better. :)

i miss my ex like mad, he is engaged and we still talk n see each other. He was my first and only. I guess it's not ment to be with him, so i'd rather have him as a mate than not have him in my life. I love him. x x