I Miss My Very First Love

Ahhhh roland gallaway. he was my very first boy friend and my very first love. my mom had this friend, and she had 2 girls and 1 boy. the boy was (of couse) roland and i cant rember the girls. but we were all hangin out at the park. and roland just ran up to me and asked me if i would like to go and swing with him. so were sittin there and he gets up and stands in front of me and leans down and kisses me. we went out 4 bout 3 years then one day. my mom tells me we have to move. i told roland and he was heartbroken. now im sittin at skool wornderin where he is and how hes doing! i hope hes ok. even tho were not with each other and its been a few years but i still love him hell always be with me

ilovejosh ilovejosh
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

Its a beautiful story its sad that in life we are so often seperated from our loves. I have found that with each love we lose, we find another love we choose.<br />
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My first love's name was Marie, I'd carry her books home from school even though it meant I walked twice as far as i had too.