I'm Friggin Stoked! Xd

About a week ago my ex called me outta the blue after a year of no contact whatsoever and just wanted to catch up.. and I thought it was weird and wonderful at the same time.. ever since she has been making sure to contact me at least once a day to share some jokes and just shoot the breeze with me and she has been super friendly with me lately and just one year ago she was not the least bit interested in me. 

I found out that she has been seein this guy for about 8 months now and they seemed like they were great when we first started talkin again but all of a sudden I see comments on her myspace page saying all these romantic things and postin up sappy graphics and what have you and what I'm gettin from that is she is kinda driftin from this guy.. all the while she isnt tellin me anything bad and just basically keepin if friendly and upbeat with me. 

What I would like to know is what is everyone's opinion on this situation.. I mean, could it be that she is wanted to give us a second shot or is that just wishful thinking?  I havent said anything to lead her to believe that I'm interested in her anymore than a friend up to now and I plan to keep it that way, but I cant help but smile from ear to ear when I think about the possibility of her gettin attracted to me again after all the time we've been seperated :) thanks to everyone who has read this far and I would love to hear some good opinions from the EP community

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I am not experienced in relationships/dating but it sounds like you should be careful. If she had any problems with the kind of person you were a year ago she might revert back to that. I know you have changed but if you start to be even a little clingy/too close she could split again. You seem nice and I just do not want you to be hurt. Good luck

It's good that you've changed since you guys broke up, but keep in mind, if you get back together, could you fall back into old habits? I see it all the time in mental health - a kid who is removed from his home eventually does very well in the group home/facility, then if his/her family hasn't worked on *their* end of the problem like they should have, then they get right back into that old environment and pick back up on the same habits, no matter how long they were out of the environment.

accomplish your personnal goals before you enter into a long term relationship. that way you cant say, "I wish I could have....", because you could end up resenting the relationship, and that's not fair to your partner. It will come with time, my advice, for what it's worth, enjoy yourself, have fun where every you are an make the most of every opportunity. There is someone out there for you, you just haven't bumped into her yet....

She may be looking for just friendship...or she may be waiting for a clue from you that you're interested in something more before she cuts all ties with this guy she's drifting away from. I'd try to throw out some subtle hints of what you're interested in and see what her reactions are. Good luck.

bless ya lol...x

thx for your comment, I appreciate your thoughts :) looks like it was a false alarm though cause I havent talked to her in a few days lol

hey, <br />
i can see y u r askin for sum advice on this because if i was u i would be confused, <br />
<br />
but it seems that she is probably not completely happy in her current relationship and is seeking some thing different but at the same time she is seeking some thing old and which she knows very well, <br />
i would be careful and not tell her or ask her about it, and just see how things go in the mean time.<br />
<br />
even when i had a new relationship and it werent going well i would talk 2 my ex and share some laughs because i knew he was always there when needed some one and he was a person who i felt most comftable with <br />
<br />
wish u all the luck, u seem like really nice lad and i hope it all works out well

Wow, that was a very good comment.. boy did that shed alot of light on this situation.. thank you very much. I can tell you exactly why we broke up to begin with.. It was my clinginess plain and simple.. I smothered the hell outta her. I can tell you that I'm not the same guy that I was when we dated otherwise I wouldnt even be sweatin it cause I know she would get turned off right away and go back away just as fast as she came. I know I'm a much more mature and laid back guy when it comes to dating now.. 2 years ago I would have been callin her everyday 3 or 4 times a day.. and now if I dont get a reply then I just let it go. a year ago I NEEDED her, and now I dont need her. I just know that I can play the game alot better because she was my first love and the one I lost my virginity to, but I've had 4 or 5 girls since her and I've learned alot.

Aww... no opinions? :(