No post has been more confusing or time consuming to write than this one. I've written about my ex-boyfriend before and if you look back at my stories I'm sure you'll notice the unresolved feelings there. Those stories were easy because they were about him and the past, but then he was briefly brought back into my present. And it sucks.
My boyfriend messaged my ex and asked him when was the last time he and I had talked. To my surprise, he replied. He said it's been awhile and asked him why he's asking. My boyfriend said because he wanted to check if I've been faithful or not.
I'm getting angry with him again just writing this so I'll take a break and give a little back story.
I had convinced myself a long time ago that my ex was a d---bag. That he's not who I thought he was and that he meant nothing, he's not someone I should want to be with, etc. It helped the moving on process, but his reply to my boyfriend's message messed up that system I had going.
He said "Yeah she's faithful man, but by questioning her you should be questioning yourself. Are you faithful and good enough for her?"
It wasn't what I was expecting. I expected a reply of ok or some other one word answer to prove that he's the careless guy I thought/almost hoped he was.
My boyfriend and my ex ended up talking and we even ended up having a three-way call. They are so similar it's obvious to all of us that I definitely have a type.
My ex is a great guy. He's the kind of boyfriend that is so hard to get over because he's not the one that messed up the most. Everyday I want to talk to him, but I know that I can't because it's a slippery slope to wanting him more. I've chosen a guy that yes, has his d---bag moments, but I'm comfortable. He's like my best friend in a way that my ex never was and maybe he's the wrong choice, but for now it's the one I've made. Also the only one I can make because it's not like my ex is just sitting there waiting for me like in the movies. Sometimes I wish though.
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18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014