In 1991, I met a girl in another province when I was 16. We stayed in touch by writing letters back and forth regularly for about a year. We were close friends and she met up with me once when her family travelled to my province. I wrote her my true feelings finally one day but by then she wrote back saying there was a local boy she was seeing. I was so dissapointed that I did not write her back. She wrote me a couple more times, begging me to stay friends with her and that she had not meant to hurt me. I never wrote her back. It has been 23 years and I still think of her everyday. I wish I had stayed friends with her because I still miss her friendship so much. I was blind at 16 and didn't see how much her friendship meant to me then. I feel so bad that I had cut off contact. I have been scouring the internet for the last 2 years and think I might have found her. Don't know if I should leave well enough alone or if I should just touch base with her one last time.
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i'd say find her...