Rain and Popcorn.

Whenever I'm down, I think of my first love, Trixie. 

It was love at first sight at the tender age of 15. We were two girls in love in an all-girls school, and we had to undergo awkward therapy sessions with the school counsellor. The entire school knew of our affair and we we were dubbed "the Lovebirds". It was amazing, being so open about our relationship. I loved Trixie, and I didnt care who thought what.

When we broke up though, Trixie went through some pretty rough times.

I wasnt there for her.

Somehow I feel if I was still with her those things wouldnt have happened. My Trixie neednt have suffered so much. I could have protected her, intervened with fate and prevent all the pain. I keep blaming myself. If only this, if only that...

Two years ago I started talking to her again. We met up for coffee and  talked and laughed like old friends. There was a twinkle in her eye and I felt so in love with her once more. Even the lulls in conversation felt comfortable. She was different, yet the same. She was no longer the naive shy schoolgirl, she was now sophisticated and fiercely independent with her own opinions. When she told me of the things she had been through I cried with her. When she told me of her boyfriend I pretended to be happy for her.

We've kept in contact since, meeting up for meals occasionally. My thoughts often stray to her, late at night or first thing in the morning, even as I lay in the arms of another. I wonder where she is, if she still thinks of me. How does her hair look this morning? Does she still smell of rain and popcorn? I miss you, Trixie.

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

wow, thats a great story! to be honest, im prety close to crying rite now. <br />
gee, i wish i wud meet someone like that... this story rely shows how strong love can be...