I never experience love until I turned 23. I had plenty of girlfriends throughout the years...but never love. I would say it but I didn't feel it till she came into my life. I met her online surprisingly and I drove 2 hours to go see her. The first thing I did was kiss her, then said Hi. She was surprised but she loved it. We had the best time together just hanging out. She was perfect. That night had the best sex I've ever had. Once the morning came I knew I loved her...even though she had a boyfriend already. I didn't care she called me and I would come over every weekend. We never had a bad day together. Everything was perfect when we were together and I could tell she felt the same. She used me from that point on anytime her and her boyfriend were fighting she would call me. I knew what she was doing. I knew I shouldn't be continuing this relationship. I didn't care. I loved her and I was willing to do anything for her.
ebah22 ebah22
26-30, M
Aug 26, 2014