Once In a Lifetime...

I married my high school sweetheart & we were together for 17 great years.   Unfortunately things change, times change & people change.  I am now in my 50's & have never found that kind of love again.  I've been in several relationships & one currently 11 yrs. now, but  I miss love so much !!!!  

It's funny how life doesn't always turn out like you thought it would.

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

You are doing the person you are with a huge disservice. <br />
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I wouldn't wish being stuck with someone who longed for someone else on even an enemy. (well ok a real enemy I would)<br />
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You sound very selfish.

Hey its sad how lyf sumtyms goes, ive been in a relationship for 4months, and i realy loved the guy so much, i enjoyed his company to bits, i knew dat we were realy meant to be, so people used 2 tell me dat he was cheatin on me, nd i ddnt believe them nd thot dey were jealous of me until i saw him red handed with another gal, my heart was bleedin, i ddnt know wat to do nor wat to say to him, now dat ive moved on i really cant love anymore, im in a new relationship right now so i cant realy love de guy with my whole hart, i want to give him the luv he wants 4rm me, i can see that hes serious about me, so i keep on pretending that i realy luv hm with my whole hart but deep down in ma hart i feel nothing for him, my harts still with my ex, so what do u think i should do about dis? Asking my ex to fix things or moving on with my life nd try to learn loving this guy im involved with?