At Times

I do miss my first love at times. He was a great guy. I did him so wrong though because I cheated on him. He took me back and six months later he dumped me. I feel awful about it sometimes. He was my first love. I was young and stupid and didn't realize what a great guy he was. He was the one I lost my virginity too aswell. He doesn't talk to me anymore. It was a nasty break up. He blocked me from all the online groups we were in, changed his email, etc.. He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend, but if I ever saw him again I would apologize.

Maemi Maemi
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

i'm in a situation JUST like this. i would do annnyttthinggg just to be able to apologize and for him to believe that it is a genuine apology