Ben and Darcey

Only started to very recently, but I miss him so much. We were secretly dating, I couldn't tell my family because he went to school with my older sister and I wasn't allowed a boyfriend until 16. And NO he wasn't a pervert before you all write comments like that. It was just really fun, and I completely took him for granted at that age. He was so affectionate and sweet, and really funny. Plus he adored me! I ended it with him because I could no longer carry on lying to my parents where I was going and staying and who was calling etc. And although I stayed at his house, in a 24year old's bed, at only 15 he NEVER pressured me for sex. And we never did.

I remember when he first told me he loved me... I was in Manchester seeing my friend and I couldn't get home as all the trains were cancelled from snow. He drove all the way up to get me, despite the snow, and he said 'I just couldn't wait any longer to tell you that I love you'  D@mn I miss him.

I know where he is but have absolutely no way of getting hold of him. No number, no address, no facebook, no email. All I know is that he lives in a city about a three hour drive away. But I do know the adress of his parents house, I've written several letters to him in the hope that they'd forward it to him, but I never end up posting it. His name was Ben. 'Ben and Darcey' hmm goes nicely.

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3 Responses Mar 16, 2009

Funny stuff, I accidently bumped into ben a few months ago, just randomly crossing the street in the town we both used to live in. It was so strange, and so arkward too. He couldn't believe I was getting married! And he, well he'd be 30 now but he looked skinny and pale and tired, too much partying and too much drugs! Jesus I don't even know what drugs he's on. He didn't look good. Plus, he's done nothing with his life. Nothings changed! He hasn't got a stable long-term job, hes still renting, no experience of anything exciting etc he's got very little to offer really. And my boyfriend now, well there's no comparison really! I mean, maybe our relationship isn't as passionate as ben and I were, but hugos got everything really

you have the address. go for a ride. see if he's there. love always has a way of coming back and finding you.

u should go for's a nice boy.He drove all the way up to get u, despite the snow.why cant u be braver to do so.