Yee, Sometimes...

Yep, sometimes I wonder what happened to her, probably married with some kids and skin brown from sunbathing on some boring sunholiday. You see, she wasn't very clever, but man was she PRETTY!
I was 12 to 14, then I moved to another school, boys only, bummer....
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2 Responses Aug 22, 2007

As said , I was only around 13, so love is still "childish" and I got over her rather quick and easy, sometimes I just wonder were she is and what has become of her.<br />
On the other hand, later in live I fell deeply in love with a woman, but when she said "goodbye", that hurt, fysically hurt, that's 15 years ago, and I can say I got over her aswell.

Was it hard to get over her? I'm just wondering. It's just that.. well, I miss my first love. My only person that I have ever loved, in fact. It's really hard to get over him. Thanks!