The One Who Made Me Love Me

my first love was and is the cutest man I've ever met in my life. Let's call him what I used to call him, Sir. I met him at my church. My friend was his cousin, and he brought him to church. We were all seperated into groups. In my group was me, my best friend(the pastor's son), and him. We had to pass out flyers for people to come. I went to the first house, and my best friend did the rest. As Sir and I were alone, we found out we lived in the same neighborhood. I knew that he wasn't and never would be attracted to me. I was just satisfied that I held a conversation with him. Afterwards, we went to the skating rink. My pastor told me that Sir told him that I was cute. We became a couple on March 29th. The day after we said we loved each other(I meant it, and so did he)We broke up on April 28th. We were together 6 more times after that. We talked for awhile, and then the one I broke up with him for, dumped me. Now I realize that, though he cheated on me a few times, I kinda cheated on him, too, because I never let myself be 'free' like I wanted to. I miss him with all my heart, and as much as I hate to admit, I still think we'll end up together. It reminds me of Grace Jones' song "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)"....and we still have an emotional hold on each other. Though we haven't talked for a while, I feel it.

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"I kinda cheated on him, too, because I never let myself be 'free' like I wanted to."<br />
<br />
UM no you did not. When in need of clarification of what is cheating simply ask yourself if you could have contracted a STD from your actions. <br />
What you did would not render as much as a cold sore.