For Many Years I Believed That...

For many years I believed that I missed him.  I actually made a few attempts to rekindle our relationship.  After the last botched attempt, I realized I didn't miss him.  I buried that axe.  What I missed was that feeling I had with him.  It's difficult to get those feelings back once it's gone with your first love.  When you love for the first time, everything is so open and honest.  The bonds that are created in that relationship are so pure.  For some, it's the only time in their lives that they've loved like they've never been hurt.  And that's only because they've never been that badly injured before.  Once all of that is broken, people start baracading their hearts and throwing up all kinds of safety nets.  They don't let other lovers in nearly as far because they fear being vulnerable.  I will admit that sometimes I miss the feeling.  But the man is long gone.
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Hmm, after i read your post, i started to wonder if im still in love with him or the feeling...<br />
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Is there anyway to know what your actully missing?

you have to trust if you really feel you can. you need to deal with whatever isn't allowing you trust...<br />
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and i can understand missing what you felt.. the senses confuse life dnt they...<br />
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Damn you, you've really hit the nail on the head there. But now I have to ask the question is their anyway to take down the safety nets? They are there and I dont even want them to be there.