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Yes, I do. I married him and we were incredibly happy for many years. That it ended is one of the biggest regrets of my life.
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I know how you feel. My husband and I divorced 20 years ago and there are few days that I don't think of him. Recently, at our oldest son's wedding, I had to watch him with his wife & children - it was so hard I thought I would die from the pain. I miss him so much, but because he is married, I would never tell him! I would never even attempt to come between a husband and wife. It happened to me & I am still aching from the experience. I would NEVER, EVER put that pain upon someone else.

I lost my only love recently through divorce and am in the process of writing about it in the blog section. My life will never be the same again and I hurt so much. I may have had a tough job but nothing has prepared me for this. I am weary of life now and tired of this world.

I feel sad for you.

Your story sounds exactly like mine.

15 years ago I met a man. He was kind and gentle. We fell in love. Through many complications we never actually got together. I wish we had. I found him again on the internet. We made friends. It's neat.

This story made me feel sad, I hope you can find love again. <br />
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wife divorced me in viet nam in 1966 so I know how you feel.shes dead now never had a chance to reconcillate

Your first love in your life is with you, is the Source of love for you, constantly with you. You have lived many part os your life in body and you fist love you promised to be faithful and true to for the rest of yur life, thus all the parts that followed. <br />
It is your reunion to aim to for then you are joined physically and spiritually as you were then!

Happy belated Valentine's Day :)

Hi,<br />
I'm so sorry for you that it ended and you feel bad about it.<br />
Know this . . . most clouds have silver linings . . . mine had silver wings!<br />
I married my first love, we got married, and he left. LOL<br />
Anyway, I learned that what happened was for the best : )

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thats sad... i hope u find happiness...<br />
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