My Goodness,do I Remember

I totally agree with tizz, that is the best interpretation I have ever heard.

I have been feeling guilty recently because of thought's of my first love and how the experience made me feel.

Now that I have read that excerpt from tizz, I can comfortably say there is no one other than my husband. wow, I was becoming soooo afraid

I hope wherever he is, he is very happy. He certainly deserves it.

p.s. I was his first also, so I know there is no woman who can give him that "energy" that I gave him. lol

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you are more than lucky because you found your true love in the person of your husband. How i wish, i will find my true love too, after a broken relationship with my first love

So True. Never try to contact your first love when you are in a happy marriage.<br />
Well, we were both each other's first love more than 30 years ago...<br />
meeting each other again...even through the internet has changed our lives... and brought in so many emotion I never thought I would be dealing with...

Everything seems in peace at the summer afternoon. The leaves look greener in the sunlight. With a icy lemonade in hand, smelling the fragrance from the garden, nothing could break this peaceful scene I have right now---- except the sweet memories in my deep heart. One single sentence is just like the little drop dimpled the smooth stream in my head. <br />
It was a summer afternoon when I was the high school senior. My friends and I always talked about the romantic stories, it seemed like we were all the experts in that field but in fact, every time I saw my dream boy, my check would be red immediately. I could not even talk to him, my tongue lost its ability then. But one day my friend told me that with a certain pink rubber wristband on my finesse, I could gain the love from my lover. It is kind of girls’ games. But I believed it. That afternoon I just put on the wristband and I do not know whether the magic worked or for other reasons, I met him on the avenue. With all my courage I asked him whether he could have a walk with me or not. Though surprise, he became my company. We just walked and walked, less talking between us. Suddenly, the wind blew. My hair was scattered by the wind, I had to raise my head against the wind. The golden sunlight kissed my check and highlighted my face. He looked straight into my eyes and held his breath then. “You look glorious.” he murmured. I could feel the heat let out from my face. To my disappointment, nothing happened after that, we just kept on walking then. <br />
Maybe nothing happened is the best ending for this story. Years later, when I am sitting alone at the passage, with a glass of lemonade in my hand, hearing the whisper of wind, the sentence “You look glorious.” surrounding me again. Not very far away, my husband waving to me with smile.

Not my first love, but my true love...we have a son together who will be 17. He is married and was married. Hasn't seen his son for 15 years. Paid child support and for some reason in Feb 09 it never arrived...again in May...we re-connected. It has been detrimental. I wasn't happy in my marraige anyway. Haven't been for years. <br />
Geez...I love him. I have never stopped.

Yes for the past few years I have been thinking a lot about my first girl friend in high school. We were not intimate but we made up for it on the couch when she taught me how to French kiss it was like being in heaven that night. I have never forgotten it