Lost Love

I started dating him my Sophomore year of high school.  He called me up on the phone one night out of nowhere and asked me to go to Homecoming with him.  I had never talked to him before in my life but I had seen him and I thought he was cute.  That was the beginning of the greatest love of my life. 

Mama didn't like the idea of me going to Homecoming with him.  I was 15 and he was almost 19.  I guess she saw how excited I was about going with him and decided it would be okay.  The next week he picked me up from school one day because we decided we should probably spend some time together first and get to know each other.  This guy really warmed my heart and put butterflies in my stomach.  From the first moment he grabbed my hand I knew I loved him. 

We went to Homecoming together that Saturday.   He was so handsome.  After that we spent all of our time together.  We had to deal with all the typical teenage jealousy stuff but it still didn't change the fact that we really loved each other. 

After nine short months the time had came for us to take the relationship to the next level.  I was a virgin and I am still under the impression that he was one also, but was never really clear on that.  We made love on the couch in my living room.  He was so gentle and when he saw it might be hurting me, he quit. 

We were great for a year after that.  We were perfect for each other.  There comes an end to love that young though.  By the time I was 18 years old so much had changed.  I was growing up.  I saw so much to life.  I wanted to be free to enjoy all the stuff that I knew he wouldn't let me enjoy.  I needed to be able to date other guys and go out with my friends.  It was a need, not a want.  If we would have gotten married then we would not have lasted.

Then there comes regret.  I am going to be 24 next week.  I have already been married and divorced once.  I've dated plenty of guys by now.  I am tired of going out with my friends and they are all married anyway.  No guy has ever loved me as much as he did.  He told me that would happen.  I've never loved anyone as much as I love him.  He also told me that would happen.  I miss him.  I want him to hold me in his arms again.  I want to hear his voice.  No, I dont' want that stuff, I need it.  It's a need, not a want.  I heard he moved to Mississippi. 

I miss you!  You know who your are!  Please call me if you read this. I love you.  You were right about everything.  I know that you will see this because we are meant to be.

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Its your life so make it happen.....

You can never forget your first love. How true. Once parted and they have their own family, it is regret that we have to live with

I'm married to someone else other than my first love. i love my wife but i have never stopped thinking of my first love-28 years ago. Don't make the same mistake. Go get him!

that's what we called "first love never die" ehhehehhe...i hope both of you are destiny...fight3X!!!!!gud luck...

If its ment to be it will happen and i really hope you him and at least try it one more time good luck best wishes

I agree with CLYNN above, find him and at least if you don't date or get back to gether, at least talk and find out what happened to the relationship, make amends and be friends and KEEP IN TOUCH.

It can work ! It did for me. After 20 years my first and only love and I are married. Im 36. So we still have alot of time left. Go find him :)

It's easy to find someone nowadays due to technology. Facebook, Google, Bing... etc.

Very true and how close we get to know them even before talking or seeing them.

You are still so young...don't wait for him to find you, you need to find him before it's too late. Years from now when you could quite possibly be married again, what if he finds you then?? <br />
Big hugs...If I could go back in time, I surely wouldn't have let mine go either and sadly it's much too late for us :(<br />
Good luck

All the above posters are correct, You always and forever love the first person you truly fall in love with.... Been there, Done that.

My first love tried to come back into my life 9 years later. I was recently divorced with 3 children. I didn't meet him because I didn't want him to fix my life. Only I could do that. Believe me he's married now, and I know it's a great marriage because I know him. I would never interfere, but I will continue to love him like no other person I have ever known.

im a 43 year old male that has been without his first love for 25 years and found her not long ago just to find out were just in love as ever, as a matter of fact maybe more so dont give up it does happen and youll never be happier

I know what you mean when there comes a time where love seems to be not the thing you want. it's the smart ones who hold on to it and others who let it go only to regret it later in their life. <br />
My love would never come back he hates my guts for I would fight with him to give me space today I have all the space and a emptiness in it without him.<br />
I pray for you to get your love back. You still have a hope live by it.<br />

yes try to find him it may not be to late to just be friends

Try to find him...don't get involved with anyone else. Try to make sure you are free so when you find him you don't have any attachtments to keep you away from him....I found the love of my life after 10 years, and lost him again...well he wanted to be lost anyway but if my life was not so complicated, we could be together. Good luck....

Don't wait. Try to find him before either of your lives become more complicated. Maybe u won't have to wait 36 years to connect with your first love like me.

sounds pretty similar to my story, and yes for me too, it was a need to change and grow, not a want. If i could wave a wand id put us back together in an instant. I guess now i just wish that whatever happens, happens. everything happens 4 a reason, that kinda thing, whether he comes bk 2 me, or doesnt. What will b will be. just dont let this stop you being in another loving relationship, although i know healing takes time. you'll get there, somehow :) x x

I just wanted you to know.... I am 38 years old and my first love came back to me. It does happen. Keep the faith!