"first Love Lost"

My first Love ..is a Guy a Lil yunger than me.. but one  who ment a Lot.....

i do not think you should underestimate Love..

we met online. i wont mention his real name.. i knew him best by Nevrsleep ... his Prosana was that of a demon  hes last user name on the same site was of a ninja..  i met  him then... and didn't know just how much i'd end up likeing  him....   i still talk to him now.. and hope to be friends.. like when we first met.. but i fear.. i may fall for him again.. get caught up in his hipnotic pull... he has that bad boy prosana..

i do still love him.. but i know that i can never go back to him.. and I Found another.. I just hope nevrsleep ends up happy as well..

i am  and still  will be loyal to him . no matter wat ,, that will never chainge. ever.. ~Smiles~


MentalxButterfly MentalxButterfly
22-25, F
Feb 14, 2010