I Miss My First Love

My first love is my current husband.....when we first met, we were head over heels and so sure of our love for each other.  We have been married for 5 years now and have a 23 mth old toddler who is loved by both of us.  Over time, it seems that we have grown apart, although still living as a family.  We rarely make love and when we do, it seems that I always have to initiate it.  We had a deep conversation yesterday, when he told me he still loves me but not sure if he is still in love with me....I guess he means from a sexual perspective, he has simply lost interest.  He claims to be confused and said he does not want to make a mistake and end things, only to regret it and miss both me and my son.  I don't want my marriage to fail, and I am terrified of facing the rest of the world - family and friends especially - as a single parent.  I still love my husband and he says he is willing to work on fixing our marriage.  Am I wasting my time or should I give it another shot?  I don't want to go through another rollercoaster of emotions 2 years down the road again.

LostAquarian LostAquarian
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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Thank you lemon21....I appreciate your feedback. Hopefully, I will get through this very difficult period in my life.

There is something special about a first love, I let mine slip away many years ago. Although I married someone else, I have never forgotten my first love. We have recently reconnected and although we are both married to other, wish we could be together. Please give your marriage every chance, especially since you have a young child. This is nothing better than having both parents together if you can make it work. Find ways to show you spouse how much they mean to you, it is the little things that mean the most, the unexpected things you do to show them you love them. I hope & pray that you can work things out.