The One

We had started talking online and i didn't really think very much of them, just another somebody looking for fun in the sun..a week after talking, we agreed to meet in person, and when we did, we had the most amazing day ever, the day we knew we were right for each other. As time went on, we saw each other every weekend and all i could remember was counting down the days until the weekend came around. One evening, about 3 months after we considered ourselves a couple, we had finished a romantic dinner and there was a full moon, we agreed to go layout under the full moon and when we did, this person told me they loved me. Never in my life had I experienced such joy, because I too felt the same one and confessed my love for them. A month later we took a two week vacation to know if we were truly compatible with each other. Things went perfect while on this trip and I knew this person was the right one for me, the one i thought i would spend the rest of my life with...i still do...two months later I moved in with this person, and for once I felt like I had my own family, my own someone to wake up with, my own someone who I shared moments and thoughts with, the one I could laugh with and not be embarrassed..things were great for a while, i received plenty of "i love you's", plenty of romantic moments, and the occasional "I couldn't live without you" messages. 9 months after being together I noticed things were starting to dissipate. Why? I don't know. Soon after I was blind sided with "I love you but our relationship isn't working, we need a break". I was heartbroken. It became apparent that this break was more of a break up. This person decided to leave for 2 weeks to get away from the problems and to find themselves because they didn't know who they were anymore. I had agreed to pick them up from the airport and while waiting for them at the airport so many thoughts ran through my mind, so many emotions, my heart was pounding, i nearly cried. I noticed the same thing from them, they were estatic to see me, and it felt like everything was going to be ok, like we would get back together. It wasn't the case I felt like they had built a wall and weren't willing to tear it down just yet. Another month passed and this was when they decided we officially call it quits..just be friends..yet i was told that they love me, and that i will always have a piece of their heart, maybe down the road we would work out, but right now wasn't the right time...this person told me they need to find themselves first and build themselves back up before they can get back into a relationship..I guess I just don't understand..I do know that I love my sweetpea..

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Thank you.<br />
This is all still fresh to me, but I will take your advice and hold my head high. Of course we all hope for the best and hope things return to the way they once were...