My Frist Love

I was 15 years old when I meet him..both from our hometown,where I moved away to the Tidewater years earlier,I meet through my cousin,Heswass6'5,blond hair blue eyes,him would me just metl inside,See I couldnt date at 15,but my father let me date,he was my 1st date to go in car,I remembersthe movie we went to.,,in the threater he put his arm around my shoulderlifewas so exciting....In my senior year we dated from May to October,he was station at a locate US Army Fort,,he would come down each weekend at my parents was so wonderful I didnt  want it to stop...October 4th what ever year that was our last date,He had ask my mother to bring me back to our home he could see me a few days before he left for Wyoming to an Air Force Base..Ill never forget the last date...he was in Air Force Uniform so handsome.we went to dinner and the back then Drive In,time was ticking away and befor you know it time to say good bye for a year....He stood out in from of my aunts big tears running down his face just like,dieing a little bit.that is the last time I have seen him and it has been for years and years.I have been married twice and men and men.but none have ever  been able to fill the void I have in my heart...Finally found out where I could fine him,I email told him to look at an picture I found with my Red Chevelle and me,well ya know,the next thing I knew there was a picture of him on his sight,had changed any all the years,blond hair white,still handsome.still make me melt...maybe one Ill get talk to him one last time.....Im going to tell him 3 things when left no license,no car I was a virgin,now I have my car,and now I not a virgin,,see what you missed out on.over all these years...I will always love him...My First Love

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That's really sad.