Lost Time

I'm still not sure if it was love that I was experiencing but I think so.  My family had moved to a new town and during my first year at my new school I found her.  She shared in one of my classes and her mother was a teacher at the school.  She was very cute and her name was Dana.  The good thing about all of it was that she also lived in my neighborhood.  We became friends and would talk a lot.  We also liked to ride motorcycles and did so behind our neighor hood in some woods.  During our next year in school she got sick.  It turned out to be leukemia.  Over the next couple of years she missed a lot of school and I wasn't allowed to visit because of the ongoing chemo treatments. Her parents wouldn't let many people over in fear she might get sick and the chemo affecting her resistance to sickness.  We never were able to date because we were just kids when we met.  During my sophmore year in high school she finally passed away.  I went to the funeral and still to this day occaisionally leave flowers by her graveside.  I still miss and think about her.

Gizmo38 Gizmo38
36-40, M
Mar 4, 2010