Childhood Sweetheart

I first saw her when we were 12 yrs. Old. She had long hair, it was passed her waist. She was a beautiful child. The other boys in the neighborhood had told me about her and that is why I came to see her. Her father owned a small store and that is where I saw her. Years went by. I next saw her when she was 18 yrs. Old. She drove by and she actually waved at me. I felt my heart give a lurch I guess that's how it feels when your heart skips a beat. She was so beautiful and I could not believe she actually noticed me.
She went to a different school, so I only saw her every now and then. Later I found out that she was a cheer leader and that she was graduating soon. She was Val Victorian. Me heck I could barely make B's and C's I barely made it out of high school. Later I found out that this gorgeous creature wanted to meet me! So we made plans to go out. She and I just went riding in my car with another couple. Later that night we kissed for the first time. The scent of her hair the softness of her lips were forever ingrained in my mind. And so we went out more times and do I have to tell you that I was in love. What I never could fully understand was that she told that she loved me! I never considered myself handsome but she said I was. So man if she said it I certainly was not going to argue. As time went on we talked of a life together. We talked about marriage and all that went with it. We were dizzy in love with each other. But then the Vietnam war came along and everthing was going to change. Well that is part one of the love of my life.
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What happened next??! That's really romantic xx

Wonderful...!!! Sometimes luck is not with us...