Loosing Two Best Friends

It happened two years ago when I was 14. We were leaving a party and my 16 year old friend was supposed to drive us home the only problem was that she was drunk..we all were. And since I wasn't thinking straight I got in the car with her anyway. My other friend cassie kept saying that we shouldn't drive and just call one of our parents to pick us up because we were all obviously to drunk to drive. But we didn't listen to her, we didn't want our parents to come pick us up and risk them finding out that we were drinking. So we all got in the car. We were driving on a road that was ontop of a cliff. One minute we were swerving and the next thing I know we are tumbling down the side of a cliff into a ditch. I was passed out for who knows how long. When I woke up I was laying in a smashed car with my unconscience friends in the front seats. I was laying on the backseat covered in blood, I looked into the front seat and I first saw Sabrina laying in the driver seat and then I saw cassie was also awake. She climbed back to where I was and all she said was your head..then she immeadiently put her hands on the gash on my head to stop the bleeding. She was cut and bleeding more badly then me but she still tried to save me instead of herself. I reached for my phone dialed 911 and all I could say before passing out again was help. I don't remember much from that point on. But I know now that I lost two of my best friends that night and that it was my fault for convincing her to get in the car. R.I.P Cassie and Sabrina<3
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I am so sorry to hear all of this my friend.....it sounds like maybe you are carrying alot of guilt around inside? If you would like to talk, please feel free to message me and I would be more than happy to walk through this with you. Pete