Can't Believe This Could Happen

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For the past 2 weeks our community has been searching for an 18 year old boy who left his house at 2:00 pm and wasn't seen since. Just this morning I found out via Facebook that the police just found human remains that match the description of him in the woods, only 20 metres from where they were looking weeks ago.

Everyone assumed that he was a runaway, even the police comments hinted at it without directly saying he ran away. He was only a year and a half younger than I am and his brother is my age so we grew up together. I (like many others) knew that he had a rough life because there were a couple of people who bullied him, we also knew that he wanted to run off to Toronto where he could become a musician.

When his missing photo hit Facebook the comments started like wildfire. People claimed to have seen him on the bus days later, others said he was hitchhiking to Toronto, many said he was just a runaway and not to bother looking. In most cases police don't look for people his age but his family said there were circumstances that would not be released to the public, I knew it was because they thought he was suicidal but they would not tell the public this which led to a lot of rude comments towards him.

I hate to admit it now but I was one who assumed he just ran away... I didn't think it was pointless searching for him but he did seem the type to run away without telling anyone. Everyone says that it is better that they found his body, that it is better that his family know. Right now, with what I am feeling, I almost wonder if it'd be better to have that false hope that he is still out there, that he could still be alive. Knowing that he died in the woods, only a couple minute walk from his home, is almost too much to think about.

I can't listen to any sad music without getting teary eyed. Unfortunately his family will not release anymore information to the public, when the autopsy is completed they are not releasing anymore information to anyone plus the wake and funeral will be family only. It angers me a bit because so many of us knew him, were close with him and we will not be given any closure about his death, we'll never know the circumstances surrounding it and not be able to say our goodbyes.

The sickest thing is that those same people who made rude comments about him when they were searching are now looking for sympathy on Facebook because they miss him so much, even though they made accusations against him as he lay dead in the woods.
Jupiterfalling Jupiterfalling
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2012