Thomas, My Best Friend, And An Exorcist Who Died In The Line Of Duty

I have many friends that died, being a Marine and all, but this is the worst. It wasn't part of my time in combat.

When I was 28, I'd been back from the Marines, having finished my tour of duty, for about two years. My parents were dead, and I was in Bear Creek when Thomas called me about a job in the area near Milwaukee in Wisconsin.

It took a few hours to get there from Chicago, where I flew from St. Paul. When I arrived, there was a young man with his old mother. The mother was a spiritual, and they were very scared of the presence inside their home.

A long story short, we banished it, but at a large cost. My friend had exited the house, and he lay facedown on the porch. He had a heart condition, and the stress and strain of the hunt had stopped his heart.

Thomas was my best friend; we'd fought at each other's sides as kids and we'd been best friends since elementary school.

I miss him. Bad.
SethHudson11 SethHudson11
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What an awful way to lose a friend. I'm so sorry for your loss.