It Was Just Yesterday!!!!! 9/13/12

It was just yesterday that you smiled at me and gave me a hug. It was yesterday when you told me you were so excited to get home and ride your dirt bike and then BOOM! Your gone you disappeared for no reason all you were doing was being a kid... You pulled up on the left side of the shoulder and the bus turned left and then you're gone why?why? I cry!!!!! My phone blows up with messages saying your dead then I read it On the news and it's gone your gone! Your bestfriend is in the hospital and you are In heaven I have no one to help me through guy problems and to make me laugh u were the one :( I will see you soon joshie poo<3 r.i.p play football on gods team and ride your dirt bikes :) westside rider 4 life
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Nothing is ever gonna change how you feel about her heat I am doing now is coming up with akk the happy times I had with Josh and bring those into life because I know he would want me to be happy

Thank you, after talking to my son, I miss her even more. Sniff sniff.

Awh I'm extremely sorry:(

I'm so sorry for your loss. My best friend of 23 years commited suicide. She was on life support bec she took a whole lot of pills. She was in the psychiatric hospital when she did this. She took the pills right after I spoke to her the las time. We were supposed to see each other a couple weeks later. She was going to meet my daughter who was almost 6 months. I miss her so much. Sniff sniff. I think about her all the time. For me the pain is harder to bear bec. I would have loved to share with her stories about my daughter and son. For me my heart still aches. I believe that when I die, I will see her again. I hope it's not soon though bec. I have a lot to live for.

Awh:( but you can make new memories and make sure he is watching over you and just keep him in your thoughts and have a good time...:(

I understand day by day you just have to think of memories that you had is what I'm trying to do it's still hard because it's so fresh I was walking to my second period with no best friend today and I broke down in the middle of the hall way crying

That's gotta be hard, I'm sorry :( I'm taking this huge road trip next year with my boyfriend and another one of my best friends that I was supposed to take with my late friend and I don't even know if I can go through with it without being emotional because I'll know he was supposed to be on that trip with me

Awww that's so sad I'm sorry :'( does the pain ever go away??

It's a lot better now but somedays the pain of finding out hits again and somedays I'm fine but everyday I miss him and think of him and that will never go away

Thanks I don't even know how to cope with it mean it's easy at home but I always think about him and every where I turn at school he is there and it sucks...

Yeah I understand how that is, my close friend who was like a brother died 2 years ago and I had talked to him a day before he died on phone I couldn't even fly out to where I used to live/where he lived for his funeral because I was going back to school and I still have days where I'm locked in my room crying all day listening to songs that remind me of him

I'm so sorry for your loss :(