I lost my only bestfriend of 8 years 4 months ago to drugs. He was the only true friend I had. I miss him so much. It isn't fair, I tried to tell him to stop and he wouldn't listen he would just get mad. And he obtained new "friends" who fed him more drugs and corrupted him. It's not fair!! I tried so hard he wouldn't listen. I'm in pain everyday. He was my only best friend. I'm 23 and lost my dad when I was 5. On fathers day my best friend would come with me to visit my dad. We trusted each other alot. And when I lost my dad so young I never had a best friend male bond type thing. So when me and him became friends I was very gratefull. I miss him so much. And the day b4 he died. ( he was 21) we got into a fight. Cuz of him on drugs. That was the last convo we had. I know that was the drugs and not him. But I'm so sad without my bestfriend/ brother. Now I'm alone. Miss you man. So much.
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It sure does feel like torture. I lost my best friend to drugs two years ago. He wasn't just my best friend..he was the father of my child. I always told him he could die...but he insisted that he would never over do it...well...he never woke up and I struggle with it so bad. I can relate if you need someone to talk to....cry but not at his grave for he is not there...